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Pinewood Derby Feb 9, 2019

2020 Annual Pack Pinewood Derby
Saturday March 14
Check-In 9am
Racing Begins 10:00

Monday March 9
Test & Tune and optional weigh-in during scout meeting.

The top 3 from each rank will be moving on to the Hetuck District Cub Speed Race on Sat April 4.

Below are a couple of sites for car templates. Google and Pintrest are also great resources. 

Be sure to visit the scout shop, they have a wide array of decals, lights, sirens and accessories for your pinewood derby car. 

Pack 47 2020 Pinewood Derby Rules -- A printable copy is available below 

Not all Pinewood Derby Rules are the same, so please read all the rules. NEVER assume anything.
  • The cars must be present at the start of racing. Once racing starts, additional cars cannot be entered.
  • Cars must have been constructed in the 2019-2020 Scout Year.
  • Car width shall not exceed 2 ¾”. Car length shall not exceed 7".
  • Car weight shall not exceed 5 oz.
  • Car width between wheels must be at least 1 ¾”
  • 4 ½” is the maximum distance between front and rear axles
  • Use of axle slots is NOT a requirement. There is no minimum distance requirement between axles.
  • Car bottom clearance between car and track surface must be at least 3/8”. Recess the weights on the bottom of the car.
  • Don't use axle guards because they may violate the 3/8” clearance under the car rule.
  • Car is required to have at least 4 wheels. Car may ride on 3 wheels. One wheel is allowed not to touch.
  • Only powdered graphite is permitted.
  • NO wet lubricant is permitted.
  • After the car goes to the Pit area, NO more graphite can be added to any car at any time. No adding graphite between races.
  • Must use BSA wheels, BSA axles, and BSA car body.
  • The wheel's tread area must remain flat (parallel) to the wheels hub and cannot be altered, but light sanding is permitted.
  • All parts and weights must be secured to car. Any weight that falls off the car during the race stays off for the duration of the race.
  • No liquid mercury.
  • Wheel bearings, washers and bushings are prohibited. Washers may be used as weight as long as they do not touch the wheel.
  • The car shall not ride on springs. No wheel covers or hubcaps.
  • Details, such as steering wheel and driver are permissible as long as these details do not exceed the maximum length, width, height, and weight specifications.
  • The car must be free wheeling, with no starting devices, magnets, slip weights, or adhesives.
  • All parts of the car must rest behind the gate side of the starting post. The front part of the car which will rest on the starting post must be at least ¼” wide and not pointed.
  • Each car must pass inspection by the Official Inspection Committee before it may compete.
  • If, at check-in, a car does not pass inspection, the owner will be informed of the reason for failure, and will be given time within the official check-in time period to make the adjustment.
  • A car is NOT declared as passing any part of the inspection until it has passed all of the inspected areas at one time.
  • It is the responsibility of the racer to make sure their car is facing the proper direction on the track at the starting line and that their car is placed on the proper lane. Any problem must be immediately addressed before that race begins.
  • The finishing order determined by the finish line will stand as the official results.
  • If a car jumps the track and interferes with the other cars, then the heat will be rerun.
  • Cars that don't pass inspection may be allowed to race, but they will not be eligible for prizes.

Icon File Name Comment  
Cub Scout Build - University of Scouting - v1.pdf Tips and tricks to build a fast Pinewood Derby car.  
Pack 47 2020 Pinewood Derby Rules.pdf 2020 Pack 47 Pinewood Derby Rules  

District Pinewood Derby

  • Saturday April 18 11:30am to 4:00pm
  • St. Michael Catholic Church Gymnasium Corner of Whipple and Fulton Drive, Canton, Ohio 3430 St. Michael Blvd NW, Canton, Ohio 44718 Enter gymnasium at the bell tower.
  • The top 3 from each rank will be moving on to the Hetuck District Cub Speed Race on Sat April 18. 
  • There will also be an Open Youth race. Open Youth race is open to Scouts that are not racing in the Speed Race and open to Scout siblings. 
  • There will also be an Open adult race. 
  • There will also be a turtle race in which the winner is the last car to the finish line.
  • Check-in for Cub Speed Race is 11:30 am – 12:30 pm. BUT starting at 12:30 any Cub Scouts can enter the Cub Speed Race if there is an available space. If you are in the Cub Speed race and arrive after 12:30 you may lose your spot. 
  • Check-in for OPEN Youth, OPEN Adult Race, and Turtle Race is 11:30 pm – 1:00 pm----------Starting at 12:30 any Cub Scout can enter the Cub Speed Race if there is an available space. 

  • 2020 District Rules   -- One difference between Pack 47 rules and District rules are the height limitation. The Pack track is not limited on height, the district track is limited to 5"